Tuesday, July 11, 2017

When FOMO Leads to Gratitude

It's day two of NerdCamp in Parma, Michigan and I'm on my couch. I have mixed feelings about this. Tomorrow is my 44th birthday and, every year for the past I-don't-know-how-many, my twin sister and I have celebrated together. She usually comes here so we can bask in the warmth and glory of Summer Chicago, but we have also met in California a time or two. Needless to say, we've been together this time each year before NerdCamp was a twinkle in Colby Sharp's eye.

So why do I feel like I'm missing out this year? This is the fourth year of NerdCamp. I've known about it since its inception, and I always thought, "Hey, that'd be fun, but I'm having a good time, too!" This year is different. As I write this, I think it's because my relationships on Twitter have evolved and become deeper. For the first time since I joined Twitter in 2009, I am part of a tribe. My #bookexpedition crew and I have become friends. I've even met a couple at various conferences (I wrote about it here.) And, as I write this, it's the realization that a shared experience around books is what I really love, emphasis on shared. To work toward bettering the reading lives of our students, and to share that experience with other like-minded folk, is it. The tossing back and forth of ideas, the expressing of mutual favorite books, and the learning and growing together is what truly energizes me.

Me (l) with my sis at Wrigley
I actually feel a bit bad writing this, because I am having the TIME OF MY LIFE - as always - with my twin sister!! We caught a Cubs game (they actually won), have spent countless hours in the pool with family and friends, and are going to see Hamilton on Thursday! The quiet times we've had talking about major life changes (her) and the hilarity of raising The Teenager™ (me) are life-sustaining. No one gets me the way she does. We have unique shared experiences that are precious to me. That, coupled with the fear that this may be our last summer where we get a big chunk of time together (those major life changes lead us to amazing, yet different, places) makes me feel a little guilty about my case of FOMO. But I guess it's okay to have an amazing celebration with my super fab sissy and feel a little sad that I can't be somewhere. NerdCamp will be around - it's grown unbelievably successful, so I can't imagine it would end any time soon - and this time my sister and I have together is so fleeting.

In the end, after working my way through the jumble of feelings, I am grateful. Grateful to have this time with my sister (who has come, and stayed, despite some craziness going on with her family.) And also grateful that I have a tribe who I connect with so much that I miss them a little when they're together. So I'll follow them on Twitter, celebrating with them as they learn from rockstars like Stacey Riedmiller and Pernille Ripp and meet wonderful authors like R.J.Palacio and Elly Swartz. Then I'll put down my phone and celebrate my life with the one whose been with me through it all. That's what I'd call a win-win.

* * *

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  1. Lorie,
    You are so lucky to have such a soulmate. I get what you are saying about NerdCamp, but this time is undeniably special. Your tribe wouldn't want anything less for you. Enjoy!

    1. Agreed, Julieanne. <3 Sitting on the couch with her right now and there's not place I'd rather be. It's been really interesting to discover how writing helps to articulate and work through my thoughts and feelings.

  2. There are so many choices we have to make in life. I think spending time with those we love always comes first. Enjoy!

  3. and you're still connecting with your digital tribe --

  4. Fomo is real, I get it so often! You are where you need to be and are lucky to be able to participate a lot virtually (you know you can see notes from all the sessions on the site, right?). Enjoy the rest of the time with your sister. I have been lucky enough to attend nErDcamp the last 3 years and know you will love it when you get there!

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