Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Gaining More Than I Lost

A poem for last Saturday, a day when I learned so much:

Kindness and love win out

Gaining More Than I Lost

The panic rose like a tidal wave
When I glanced at my husband's ringed finger
Then at mine - ringless
Flashback: three rings in a beach chair's cupholder

The panic turned to action
Springing to the car
Tearing it apart
Finding nothing

The panic grew
But so did my family's kindness
My daughter's hug, my husband's hand on my shoulder
I could feel his ring

The kindness quelled the panic
My sister-in-law, determined
Driving back to the beach
To retrace our steps

The kindness brought me to tears
As strangers brought help
And hope
As my two wedding bands were found

The kindness - more than the grains of sand
We continued to search through
To find my engagement ring
20 years old, part of who I am

Lifeguards made phone calls
Families brought sand toys to sift
Retirees on their hands and knees
A community of kindness, searching together

The kindness and love
Of precious family and perfect strangers
Is what was gratefully gained
When a ring was lost and never found

*  *  *

Thank you to the wonderful crew at Two Writing Teachers, for allowing me to share my Slice of Life. To read more slices from this wonderful community, please click here.


  1. I once found my class ring tucked in the pocket of a suitcase, where I placed it during a beach trip and forgot. For several years it was "lost." Did you find your engagement ring only,and not the band? It's miraculous to find it at all. This reminds me of a story I read about a woman losing her engagement ring while in a rowboat with her future husband - the ring slipped off her hand and into the lake. Even after multiple dives, he couldn't find it. Years later, the couple returned to the lake with their kids for a celebrations. They caught and cleaned fish ... and there inside one of them lay the ring! Wonderful story contained in your poem - and yes, it's the people and the love that matter. That's what the rings symbolize.

  2. This is heart breaking! What wonderful people to search for your ring.


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