Friday, March 31, 2017

#SOL17 Day 31: Never Have I Ever...

Today is the last day of this writing journey we've been on together for the last month. For me, I know this is just the beginning. I had hoped this experience would help me be a better writing teacher. I still hope this. But what I know for certain is that slicing has reignited my love of writing, and I'm very much looking forward to continuing. I hope to see a great many of you on Tuesdays as we continue to share and support each other.

Today is also the last day of my trip-of-a-lifetime. My husband and I celebrated 20 years of marriage in Tahiti, and let me just say, it was everything I had hoped it would be, and so much more. I gave a lot of thought as to how I wanted to wrap up this experience and, as usual, was inspired by something that happened at school. A few weeks ago, my fellow teachers, staff members, and I participated in a fun exercise called "Never Have I Ever..." The basic gist goes like this:  everyone is seated except one person. That one person say, "Never have I ever..." and names something he or she has never done. Everyone who hasn't done that gets up and scrambles to find a new seat. The one left standing is the next person to share, "Never have I ever..." It's a really fun way to get to know each other a little bit. So, in honor of both my time in Tahiti, and my work friends at Schiesher and Tate Woods Elementary schools, I leave you with this lists of "firsts" in a similar form.

Before Tahiti, never had I ever...
  • traveled below the equator
  • met and named a puffer fish (we'll miss you, Albus!)
  • snorkeled off the deck to my room
  • seen the ocean through the floor - and glass-topped coffee table- of my room
  • eaten passion fruit 
  • had breakfast delivered by canoe
  • swam in an infinity pool
  • slept comfortably on an airplane
  • had a drink with coconut in it (not a fan of coconut, but this was surprisingly tasty!)
  • had a sunset be a major, multi-hour, multi-color, wonderous event
  • had an ocean view from my bathroom
  • had a run-in with a feisty crab while walking down a path (little guy was FIERCE)
  • snorkeled with a rainbow of fish who let me be part of their "school"
  • witnessed a Marquesan warrior dance
  • watched an actual chicken cross an actual road (I swear, it happened. He was chasing a hen and crossed right in front of our rental car. Maybe THAT'S the reason why the chicken crossed the road!)
  • been to a famous surf spot where the World Surfing League holds an annual contest. If you surf (as my California-raised husband does) this is a big deal. The black sands and monster waves of Teahupo'o are spectacular!
  • been this far away from my kid (can't wait to see you, Bug!)
  • been floored with love and gratitude for my family who moved mountains to make this trip happen (Chance and Lisa, you are my heroes!)

I  hope this post doesn't sound like a humble-brag. These experiences: the writing, the trip, the writing about the trip, have all left me changed, grateful, and growing in new directions. To be honest, I wasn't sure I'd be able to blog daily because of this trip, but I wanted to try, and I'm incredibly thankful that I did. A massive thank you to all of the wonders at Two Writing Teachers for creating the space for us to share and support each other. 


  1. I love that you used never have I ever to list memories of your trip- it really was effective and a great way to document new experiences through travel. It has been great to follow your blog this month and I hope to see you on Tuesdays! Enjoy your holiday hangover- always hard to go back to "real life".

  2. I really enjoyed spending this month reading your blog, preparing for your trip with you, taking your trip, meeting Albus and completing this entire challenge. I'm so glad you were able to blog every day. And thank you for checking in on me and leaving such sweet comments. I appreciated every one of them. Safe trip home.

  3. You made it! Congrats on writing every day! And Congratulations on 20 years of marriage! I'm so glad your trip was unforgettable!


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