Thursday, March 23, 2017

#SOL17 Day 23: ONE. MORE. DAY

Anticipation By the Numbers

1 more day
2 people in Tahiti
3 family members traveling
4 flights
5 time zones away
6 nights
7 days

20 years

Infinite gratitude


  1. So few words, but your happy anticipation shines through! Safe travels!

  2. Wahoo! I am happy for you that your trip is almost here! I hope you sleep! It is a long way for a short time, but I know you will soak up the sun and fun!

  3. Well I'm not going on the trip and I'm excited nonetheless for you too. I read your post where you explained the trip and your family. Sounds like you will be having a wonderful time. Enjoy.

  4. I'm sure your trip consumes every waking thought. What a trip of a lifetime.

  5. Love it! You said it all in a few words -- that is hard to do. Have the best time!

  6. Such a cool way to Slice about something you are looking forward to. I might have to give this a try one day! I hope your trip is amazing!! Have so much fun!

  7. Oh, I am so excited for you! I'm going to bet that the words came easily for this one, just based on the pure excitement of this experience you'll be having soon! My favorite part though, is definitely the last 2 lines: "20 years. Infinite gratitude." That really put things into perspective! Thanks so much for sharing!


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