Monday, March 20, 2017

#SOL17 Day 20: Unexpected

When I started this month-long challenge, the goal was to become a better writing teacher. Yes, I've learned many other things along the way (I wrote about them here and here.) But the one thing I never anticipated was that I would be an inspiration to others. I never thought that "other" would be my 15 year-old daughter.

Sure. She's watched me slice. She knows she's in a lot of them, often as a small moment or part of a post. She is curious about my notebook and has asked me about it as she flips through the pages.

And then, last night, she created a blog. And the reason? "You've inspired me, Mom," she said. Four little words that held such big meaning for me. You see, I've always hoped I would inspire her. But I thought I was years from that. I assumed that inspiration from mother to daughter would come after the rollercoaster ride of the teenage years. Apparently, I was very wrong.

My kid has always been a writer. Since she could hold a pencil, she wrote stories. She has team of notebooks full of ideas, and files of short stories on her computer. Now, she has something to say. Things she wants to share with others. She wants to be heard. (You can find her here, if you're so inclined.) So, her plan is to start by slicing every Tuesday with you inspirational folks.  I think I'll join her when this month is over.

After all, she's inspired me. ❤


  1. That's amazing. Love this slice. And I think I'll check her blog out!

    1. I showed her yours yesterday. I think you may have been another inspiration!!

  2. How lovely! It is funny the things that our kids get inspired by- and it is not always what we would have guessed. What a great example of risk- taking you have been to her this month. I am glad she wants to follow in your footsteps.

  3. That must feel amazing. Savor it.


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