Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#SOL17 Day 15: Morning Thoughts

Thoughts running through my head from the time my feet hit the floor to when I got in the shower:
- What day is it? That's right. Wednesday. 
- Your foot isn't hurting this morning! Yay! Small blesssongs. 
- Is the east coast is unburied yet?
- You have a 7:45am meeting about the PARCC (insert eye roll here).
- Urrrrg. You've gotta make your lunch this morning because you were too tired last night. What did you say you wanted? That's right! PB & J and an apple. What are you? 7?
- You have two domain meeting this afternoon. Hope math goes smoothly. The kids are great, so I'm sure it will. 
- Leaving RIGHT after school. Being with Chance and Sarah is crucial since you saw them so little yesterday. 
- Oh!! You've got that 5:40 doctors appointment, too. All the more reason to skedaddle ASAP. 
- Wonder when I'll have time to blog. 
- I can't think of anything to blog about. 


  1. Knowing how fast the different thoughts speed through our brains I am impressed how many you were able to capture and record. The PB&J made me chuckle.

  2. So funny, I just started tomorrow's blog with a similar theme...the flood of morning thoughts. It's kind of comforting to see others with the racing brain in the morning! Hope your day went smoothly!

  3. Busy, busy, busy! It is fun to see others have these rapid fire thoughts right away too!

  4. And it's interesting where we are and what we are doing when they start flowing: laying awake in bed, in the shower, drying hair, eating, driving to work. Sometimes they are "to do" and lately they've been slice topics! :-)

  5. Sometimes the thoughts come faster than the fingers can go. You found something to blog about!

  6. Sometimes the thoughts come faster than the fingers can go. You found something to blog about!

  7. Good for you for paying attention enough to record all those thoughts. And now you have a list of it so you won't forget anything and you can happily check off everything as you accomplish it.

  8. This was fun and humorous. What a great idea for a slice!

  9. Lorie,
    Very nice slice of life! Thanks for sharing your simple morning that was full of ideas and inspiration. It is a good exercise to inspire our writing. Just lovely!



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