Monday, March 13, 2017

#SOL17 Day 13: When Books Bring Us Together

As we continue to prep for our 20th anniversary trip of a lifetime, Chance and I, naturally, found ourselves on a mission to our local bookstore. He wanted a specific cycling mag to read on the plane; I though eight books weren't enough to take with and was looking for two specific novels to add to my book stack.

Quest completed and books in hand, I wandered to the children's section, hearing the siren song of middle grade lit calling to me once again. Browsing, I heard the strangest thing, a girl's familiar voice, talking just above a whisper, the sentence ending, "... Mrs. Barber."

I moved out from behind a book display to discover one of my students and fellow book nerd! To be honest, I think I startled her a bit, as if I magically apparated to her location when she said my name! Once she recovered from her small shock, her mom shared that, given the choice of getting frozen yogurt and buying books, she chose the books.

My fellow book nerd and me in the stacks.
"Every time!" I agreed, nodding vigorously in understanding.

Her mom then explained that they were choosing books based on what they could donate to our class library when she had finished reading them.

"Oh, WOW. That is just the sweetest," I replied, my heart full.

Despite our dinner reservations quickly approaching, Autumn and I spent time in the stacks. She LOVES fantasy and I am always recommending books & series to her. Sometimes, I can't get books in her hands fast enough! We talked about series from her favorite authors that she had yet to read, and the fact that some of her books needs are now down in the YA section. Her mom fondly remembered this sign of growing up with her older daughter, and I shared about the trips my daughter & I took here, when she walked the middle grade/YA tightrope for a while. I took a few pictures of books to remember so I can carefully begin selecting books for Autumn's spring break stack when I get to work today.

My husband found me where he knew I'd be, pleased - yet not surprised - to see that I had a new shopping partner. Autumn's and my impromptu time together had come to an end. We hugged goodbye with a promise to see each other on Monday, books in hand.

It was one of the best book experiences I've had in a while. I left the bookstore, heavy with books, and with a deeper understanding of how much they truly connect us.


  1. Spending time in the library or bookstore stacks with someone we love is a gift!

  2. I ran into a former student at the book store just Saturday- he was on his way to buy a new pair of shoes, but glanced in the store and saw me, so we had a great bookish discussion. Books really do connect us. Great slice!

  3. Such a sweet story. Running into students in the "real world" is a treat they will remember forever, but running into them in the BOOK STORE is even more delicious.


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