Saturday, March 11, 2017

#SOL17 Day 11 Winter Is Here

Winter is here. It's been here. And even though it's March 11, it's 18 degrees, with a windchill of 8. Good times.

Being raised in California, I (along with all those "blessed" enough to live in harsh climates) get through these dark days with a combination of humor and optimism. My family plans a trip to a warm climate each spring break, so we have something to look forward to on days like this. We have fires in the fireplace. We joke about how crazy we are to be transplanted from California to Chicago, when everyone else seems to be moving in the other direction.

My dogs have their own special ways of handling winter. My big guy snuggles on a sheepskin bed, curling himself up as tightly as he can to keep the heat in, snout tucked into the warmth and softness of the thick fabric. My little gal can always be found warming her underside on our family room heat vent, face poised directly over the vent, ears gently blowing in the warm breeze. I'm pretty sure she thinks she's lying on a beach in the south of France.

Don't get me wrong. I love it here in the City of Big Shoulders. My husband and I have been here almost 18 years now. We have deep roots planted, friendships that we couldn't live without, and a daughter who is very connected to her school and community.

But in 13 days, we'll be in paradise for our 20th anniversary trip of a lifetime.

More on that tomorrow!


  1. Im in Florida as I wrote this and it's about 80. Im heading back to NJ tomorrow and learned a storm is heading in on Tuesday with an expected foot of snow. Ugh. I think we are all ready for spring.

  2. I do not miss winter, but I do miss season changing. When I lived i Europe it was the dark that got me even more than the cold- dark by 4 meant I rarely saw daylight. Like you, a trip to somewhere brighter is what got me through winters. I love your descriptions of your pets and their coping mechanisms (and their pictures too).

  3. I love how you offer insight into how your pups deal with the cold. I wish I had a heating vent big enough for me to lie on :) Enjoy your trip!


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