Monday, August 10, 2015



Loving this hashtag ~ picture books are a staple in my 5th grade classroom!  Here's my Top 10 of my all-time favorites!

What Do You Do With an Idea? - Kobi Yamada
A wonderful book that helps underline self-confidence.  A great kick off to any genius hour or just for students' self-concept!

Each Kindness - Jacqueline Woodson
This is what I read every year on the first day of school.  Choosing kindness is a recurring theme in 5th grade, and we cycle back to this theme throughout the rest of the year.  Excited to connect it to our Global Read Aloud: Fish In a Tree (Lynda Mullaly Hunt) this year!

The Invisible Boy - Trudy Ludwig
This wonderfully illustrated book goes beautifully with Each Kindness and my next book as we explore and connect to topics of kindness, acceptance, and teamwork

One - Kathryn Otoshi
The third book in the "kindness trifecta" we read at the very beginning of the year.  This is the first in a three-book series (Zero and Two are the others) and my students absolutely love this one!!

The Book With No Pictures - B.J. Novak
I read this at Barnes and Noble one day, and was laughing out loud!  Sometimes it's great to read a book just because it's super fun!  Kids of all ages will love this.

Math Curse - Jon Scieszka + Lane Smith
Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith are two of my all-time favorite authors.  This book is so wonderful to read to kick off a year in math!

One Green Apple - Eve Bunting
I love this book for teaching tolerance.  This year, our team has members who hail from Cuba, Mexico, the Middle East, and Russia. Diversity will be a topic that we visit again and again.

Mr. Lincoln's Way - Patricia Polacco
No list would be complete without Polacco.  Most teachers do Thank You, Mr, Faulker (and rightfully so!) I just discovered this gem over the summer and am excited to share it with my students!

Ish - Peter Reynolds
The sequel to The Dot, Ish is a wonderful book that tells students that it's okay to be who they are, without worry or trying to be perfect.

Can't wait to see the other lists!  My shopping cart will be filling up!


  1. Great collection of books! So many of these are huge favorites in my third grade class as well. One Green Apple is one of my all-time favs (and was on my list last year.) My #pb10for10 is about PB featuring diverse characters.

  2. A few new ones here that I am going to check out from the library for beginning of the year reads in MY 5th grade class! Thanks!

  3. Thank YOU, Mary! I'm so ready to meet my kids tomorrow!


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