Monday, August 10, 2015

21-Day Gratitude Challenge

I wrote last week about balance, specifically about how we need to make time to stop and see the beautiful things going on around us.  Holding myself accountable to that end as the chaos of the beginning of the year surrounds me will be a challenge.  So I've decided to take on that challenge - literally.

As I was lurking on the #AussieEd chat this morning, one of the amazing educators on the other side of the planet tweeted about doing a 21-Day Gratitude Challenge.  Sounds perfect!  A great way to take a moment - for me, probably at the beginning of the day - to focus on something small for which I am grateful.  Doing this daily (I love that it's 21 days: the amount of time needed to create a habit) will help me get my mindset right: that despite all of the crazy beginning-of-year chaos spinning around, that I can be centered, calm, and grateful for those moments and countless others.

#AussieEd's Brett Salakas (@MRSalakas) tweeted the idea, then Loretta Wholley (@LWholley) tweeted this photo. After a bit of digging, I discovered that it is the brainchild of Dannielle Miller (@MillerDannielle) and her work as a parent: "Gratitude: A Positive New Approach to Raising Grateful Kids." Something that can help me as both a parent and a teacher? Double perfect!

It is with gratitude to my new friends at #AussieEd and hopes of spreading the good word that I am borrowing it and using it here:

Starting on the first day back at school, Monday, August 17th, and ending Sunday, September 6th, I will be tweeting daily about a seemingly insignificant thing in my life, but one for which I remain grateful.  Anyone who wants to join in is more than welcome!

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